A Child of Oz
3rd Wicked Witch of Oz
Oziandra "Rain" Thropp. Also goes by Rainary Ko. Witch and wannabe philosopher. Granddaughter of the Wicked Witch of the West. Doesn't belong anywhere.

[Independent Wicked Years Saga roleplay blog. Willing to roleplay with any fandom and OCs.
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The one day I’m busy and it seems I’m actually getting people who wish to speak to me. Odd.

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    " ….You really do keep flowers on you at all times? Amazing….yes. " Rain’s eyes widened as she gingerly took the lilies...
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    // Anri smiled.// " W-Want s-s-some f-flowers? I-I d-d-dry th-them f-f-for gifts." // She held out a few calla lillies...